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Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

Before the cold season arrives, there is a need for every homeowner to prepare their lawns. Most of the time, this issue on landscaping is not really given attention at all. It is so unfortunate that most homeowners are not really into landscaping. land scapingTo help you take care of your landscape before the biting coldness of winter arrives, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid doing:

(1) Forgetting the manicuring of once-over lawn As a homeowner, the nearing arrival of winter means you need to mow the lawn, aerate and reseed. According to plant experts, there is a need to always have once-over lawn manicure to make sure that the lawn will still remain attractive even during winter. Through this technique, your lawn will maintain its optimal health and growth. Once this technique has been applied, your lawn will still be lush even after the winter is over.

(2) Avoiding too extreme manicure of lawn Plant doctors are always worried that homeowners have no idea regarding the proper or minimum cut for general types of lawn grasses. When you are doing a trim for the lawn, make sure that the cut isn’t too low or else the grass species won’t survive over the winter. For Zoysia grass type, the minimum cut is 2 inches.

(3) Usage of a wrong fertilizer If there is a fertilizer that is not appropriate for your lawn, it is the granular fertilizer. This is one of the common mistakes of homeowners because they have no idea that it takes a while for this fertilizer type to dissolve thus the nutrients distribution to plants are also delayed. For homeowners who want to do a DIY plant care, they can also spray some applicators. According to plant doctors, plants have strong immunity to frost burns if they are well fertilized.

(4) Forgetting to water the lawn and the plants It does not mean that it is water you will no longer water your plants. Always remember that during winter, water is frozen so it is almost impossible for the plants and the lawn to absorb it. Before the winter comes, make sure that your lawn, fruit plants, shrubs and etc are well watered. This will prevent plants from getting diseases from being dehydrated.

(5) Forgetting to yank the yard If you want your ride to be clutter free and tidy, it is always good to have it yanked. Naturally, yanking the yard is a very physically demanding job but it pays a lot. If you will neglect this simple duty, there will be consequences like mold and fungus growth in your garden.

(6) Not mulching the soil The reason why plant doctors always suggest mulching is to improve plant’s health. This technique can also improve plant’s growth, fertility and hydration. But there is a caveat when you do mulching as you need to choose the best high quality material. Please take note that when you use poor quality mulch there is a possibility of fungus and pest infestation that may follow afterwards. For more tips about landscaping visit http://keechicreekbuilders.com/