Effective Tips to Follow When Cleaning Your Favorite Carpets

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DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

In spite of all your tries to keep your favourite carpets at home clean, it is still vulnerable to not being spotless. Well, not everyone can afford professional carpet cleaning services. That is why when it comes to accidental spills on your home carpets, you need to be familiar with DIY remedies to make sure that the dirt and stains won’t stay permanently. If at least you know the basics in cleaning your carpets, you can keep them well-maintained and long-lasting.

When there are stains on your carpet, it is best to act as soon as you can. Never wait too long or it might already be too late for you to get rid of these stains off of your carpet. If not, you may even find it hard to make your carpet spotless even with the use of the strong cleaning products. Also don’t forget vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. When you vacuum your carpet, you have to be extra careful and make adjustments accordingly. Carpets are likely to get damaged if the vacuuming is too low. If it is too high, you may not even pick up dirt from it. To prevent having your carpet unnecessarily get stained, it is also a good tip to place a walk off mats at your doorstep. Use textured mats so that you can easily remove most of the dirt from your shoes everytime you come into your house.

You also have to take the cleaning products you use for your carpets. Strong chemicals could be more effective but can sometimes cause more damage to your carpets if not used correctly. Instead of using commercial carpet cleaning products, it is best to stick with natural ones. Not only you get to be more precautious in taking care of your carpets, you also get to prevent the health risks commercial cleaning products can bring you.

Vinegar is commonly used natural product effective for cleaning even carpet stains. If you insist on using commercial cleaning products, it is best to have it tested first. Apply it to a hidden are of your carpet and see how effective it really is. It is recommended to use powder products rather than the liquid ones. Although you have to take immediate action when cleaning, you have to be extra careful in doing so. Vacuum slowly so that all the dirt will be picked up and don’t ever use a hairdryer to dry it off.

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