How to Reduce Power Bills in Summer According to Houston, TX Electricity Companies

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Summer Power Saving Tips

ElectricityHow much are you paying every month with your power bill? Everyone’s answer will be different from one another, as electricity companies in Houston, TX offer different types of power plans to their consumers. There are fixed rate plans, variable plans and prepaid electricity plans. Thus, consumers are either paying lower or higher than they consume every month.

As temperature rises during summer, the power bill follows. There is nothing that you can do to stop the electrical companies. However, there are some things that you could do at home to cut your power bills down during summer. It does not mean you should turn off all the lights and sit alone in the dark. Here are things that you can do to have a low-cost summer power bill.

First is to turn off anything that waste power. There are electronics and appliances draining the power from your home unless they are turned off and unplugged. You may not realize this but it surely wastes power and increases your power bill. Electrical companies say that turning off your appliances actually means ‘unplugging’ the appliance or device.

What are the devices and appliances that consume energy even when turned off, but still plugged? If the device has a clock or light on even after turned off and a charger plugged into the socket even if it is not charging anything, these are two examples only.

For those with thermostat at home, do you know exactly how it functions? If you don’t you are not making use of it at its full advantage. You need to learn how to use it, especially how to program the thermostat so that it can do you favors. It is not going to run any better if it is not programmed properly, especially during summer. A thermostat programmed accordingly can save you up to 10 percent per year with your heating and cooling bills.

You could also use a little extra money from using your washing machine or dishwasher full and cold. The same amount of energy and water are used whether the machines are full or not. However, full loads can save you more money because the machines are less often. Instead of using the dryer for the laundry, you should consider hanging the clothes under the sun. In case clotheslines are prohibited in your neighborhood, there are drying racks that you can place on your deck.

From time to time, electricity companies in Houston, TX suggest their consumers to go wireless. Ditch your social media accounts for the meantime, play poker or card games with your family and friends. Get unplugged and go connect with others cordless.

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