Janitorial Service For Gym’s Hardwood Floors In Atlanta, GA

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How to Handle Cleaning of Hardwood Floors in the Gym

Maintaining high school facility like gyms is really difficult especially if the in-house janitors are not really trained to do the job properly. Hardwood floor for high school gyms here in Atlanta, GA will last longer than any other materials if it is given extra care. As you may know, this type of flooring can be able to handle sports that are aggressive. Moreover, having clean hard wood floor in your gym is reflective of how good the school’s management is.

According to professional hardwood cleaners, here are some of the tips in handling this type of material:

As much as possible, the cleaning process for hardwood flooring should be assessed well. Before doing the job, make sure that you do not throw all cleaning solutions and chemicals in one basket. Some cleaners think that the more cleaners they use in cleaning the floor the more efficient the process becomes. It is not true at all because sometimes it can lead to the damage of the wooden floor. It is highly recommended to make use of natural cleaners like detergent or any type of mild cleaners.

Wet cleaning the gym floor is really essential. As you may know, high school athletes are perspiring a lot. Their bodily oil and sweat that fell on the floor are hard to clean especially if they have been lingering for a long time already. The importance of wet cleaning will be appreciated for this type of hardwood flooring because normal detergent water and other cleaners that are solvent based could not really break down oil and sweat residue. Wet cleaning means there is the need to scrub and mop.

Mopping is being replaced by automatic scrubbers now. Gym floors are really extensive so mopping will take a while to finish the job. With automatic scrubber, the result is cleaner and drier. Compared to using mops, scrubbers are really efficient because it will give you dry floors after 15 minutes. Scrubbers are also preferred because it will save you from having too much moisture in your gym floors.

Aside from cleaning, gym floors also need extra protection from hard equipment like plastic chairs and tables. Most of the time, students are unaware that putting hard materials on hardwood flooring will potentially damage its surface. As much as possible, the school should have a policy that everyone should follow. In some cases, gym floors are covered with mats. The internet is brimming with information about this topic. However, most of the info that is out there is not up to date. Quality information can only be obtained from reliable sources. To know more about janitorial services Atlanta GA, simply visit our site.

There are many traditional practices before that should be corrected like using wide frame dust mopping. According to experts, this method is counterproductive. Instead of helping the floor, it causes a lot of trouble. Since this treatment is usually oil based, it leaves a lot of residue on the hardwood’s surface.

If you are maintaining a hardwood floor in your facility ad having difficulty in doing it, make sure to ask help from professionals here in Atlanta, GA. There are many types of janitorial service providers so you need to make sure that the team you are hiring is indeed experienced in gym cleaning and the likes.